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temporary freedom :P

23 Feb

Had class photoshoot for convo mag right after our class test yesterday. dammit thank god i lathered layers of foundation on my face. otherwise my eyebags would be the highlight in the class photos. yes. it was that bad..i could feel the swell 😛

pharmacists in the making

then we also had some post-photoshoot activities 🙂 the making of pontianak harum sundal malam 😛
we proceeded to some jumping piccies..wanted to show how ‘gleeful’ it is to study in IMU.blueks

and pic of the day,

diana the great..LOL

later had dinner in Planet Hollywood. Food was great, company was great and the band was awesome!!! it feels like hols already..

later that night it only dawned upon me study break is just around the corner…boooHOoo

but dun care…enjoy kao kao first..die later..LOL..

tequila lime was good but tad too dry..hehe

best Caesar’s Salad ive ever had..*orgasmic*

ah yi’s chicken salad

all the girls 🙂 sweet 🙂

outside the loo

cute mirror

group photo

twas a great day to compensate the depression that engulfed us before exams..

and a celebration to commemorate the last class test we’re gonna ever have in IMU..woohooo!!!

going to some fine cantonese cuisine in Noble House tmr..cant wait…HEHE

Tao round 2

13 Feb

my dad is not a fan of jap food, so its very kind of him to actually bring all of us to Tao. majority wins.muahahha..poor old man.

but poor old man surprisingly ate so much when we got back the toilet became his second home…LOL

everybody liked the place except for the fact that some orders didnt come, and sometimes we had to wait for quite awhile before the food arrives.

and the whole place was jam packed. cny mar.hehe

we were early, so we walked around the place and camwhored a lil. well, more like i camwhored nia *winks*

the liqour bar..i want one of these in my house too!!

nice walkway

a kiss for the statue

everything in Tao is just so pretty..that includes the light in the restroom cubicle 😛

this was situated near the entrance..have no idea what is it for *winks*

its makan time 🙂

1/3 of our sushi spread

crab salad

must-have tempuras

unagi don

grilled salmon..Mmm

general chicken

abalone..had heaps of this..keke

i realised that i was too busy eating i forgot to snap a pic of my all time fav scallops..eessh

orang tua saya yang dikasihi

my adik-adik 🙂

us 🙂

the joys of CNY

7 Feb

been waking up at 7am everyday since i got back home. wth its been ages since i actually heard the roosters crow in the morning. followed mum to the pasar pagi to get cny stuffs. boy its neverending. and ive never seen such old ganas aunties before. i was practically shoved and pushed aside by those ganas aunties who wanted to get their hands on the freshest and biggest and cheapest. since i was just my mum’s mobile ‘trolley’ i gave way and stood aside to prevent from being slammed into a crate of veges.

did a couple of last minute shopping with my sis also. everything has to be new mar.

from undies to slippers. all new 🙂

must be donned in new pieces from top to bottom.

according to shianyi, if u do that u will have abundance of clothes to wear the whole year round. didnt know that. its normally an excuse to get more stuffs nia 😛

i was in charge of the tomyam steamboat this year. tomyam ala mamak.
garnered lotsa compliments from family members. *super proud* pak amir will see me again.real soon :p

when it was still in the kuali

big fat prawns..yummmm

juicy scallops

and some of the other balls:P

played fireworks with my siblings later that night. not before my sis almost murdered me with one of those fireworks that shoots up high in the sky when she accidentally dropped it on the ground. so it was shooting horizontally at all directions. it was scary. but all of us emerged unscathed. we even had a good laugh after that.LOL

embracing the inner kid in me 😛

camwhored a lil with family on the first day.hehe

i love these people 🙂

cny would not be complete without gambling aight…coupled with cny junks..the combination is just too addictive.haha

my royal flush:P

it was also good meeting up with people ive not seen in ages 🙂 ‘ah ma’ dearest. safe journey back to melb

2 guys, 5 girls and a coffee place

the battle of the ‘mulut besars’

in denial 😛

and playing with my lil cuzzies in maternal grandparents’ place. i mean really LITTLE..:P
not forgetting catching up with my paternal least i dont feel so old with them.LOL..cos im not the eldest here..whee~~

extra roundness after 2 days of excessive makan 😛

another reunion dinner

bad angle..LOL

our ‘waiter’ for the night with his other half 🙂

meiyoong jie and i

some of the orang tuas 😛

the best part??

what else…haha